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ICM talks to GIMS MD ahead of the IARC 2020

Keynote speaker, Olivier Rihs, Managing Director of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) talks to ICM about what to expect at upcoming GIMS ahead of the IARC 2020.


ICM talks to GIMS Managing Director ahead of the IARC - Olivier Rihs
Olivier Rihs

In less than three weeks, this year’s International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2020 will be starting in Geneva on 11th March 2020. Have you already made all your preparations? If not, then make sure you do so soon. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to exchange the latest news and ideas with experts from all areas of the automobile recycling industry. And don’t miss the Geneva International Motor Show, which takes place at the same time as the IARC.

So far, over 160 participants from a total of 20 different countries have registered for the IARC 2020. An interesting and highly diverse program awaits them. Above all, we are looking forward to our keynote speakers who will open the congress on 11th March 11. One of them will be Olivier Rihs, Managing Director of the Geneva International Motor Show, who will talk about the challenges facing the automotive industry in 2020. Although he didn’t want to reveal too much, of course, we did manage to get a few statements from him:

Mr Rihs, the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) will take place from 5th – 15th March 2020. Have all the major manufacturers confirmed their participation?

 We have 150 exhibitors signed up for the GIMS, amongst them the biggest European manufacturers. The brands with 75% of the market share in Switzerland are at GIMS. 

But yes, as all traditional Motor Shows we are also confronted with challenges such as digitalisation and the search for new marketing concepts on the part of automobile manufacturers. Unfortunately, some car manufacturers are no longer present at a car show, if they don’t have a novelty to present, we have heard that from various brands. Of course, we regret the absence of each manufacturer. On the other hand, the absence or reduction of the stand space of “established” exhibitors gives other manufacturers and very exciting brands the chance to present themselves at GIMS.

Which topics and trends will be the main focus this year?

The GIMS presents itself for its 90th edition in a more digital and interactive way. We have redesigned the Auto-Salon as an event to attract new exhibitors, media and again more visitors. A varied programme offers visitors numerous experiences related to automobiles and mobility. 

Focus and trends definitely go more and more towards alternative drive systems. 

In addition to electric mobility, there are other alternative drive systems such as the fuel cell. Which development are you observing here?

There are 2 cars (Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai) with fuel cell drive systems that can be tested at our brand new GIMS Discovery test track. We know that around 70% of the Swiss car drivers are ready to buy a car with an alternative drive system, but they need more information about prices and availability of infrastructure. At the moment there are only 3 stations providing fuel cell charge in Switzerland to the public. It’s definitely not enough and needs to be strongly developed.

The IARC 2020 is also taking place parallel to the Geneva International Motor Show. How important is the topic of recycling for car manufacturers?

It’s a topic getting more and more important. If the manufacturers want to be completely CO2 neutral at the horizon 2050, they have to implement new industrial processes from the very beginning of the production till the end of the lifecycle of the car. 

The battery is the central component in electric mobility. Can visitors to the Geneva Motor Show also take a look at the latest battery developments?

Most of the exhibitors of the GIMS 2020 will present an EV car and the latest development in this technology. At the GIMS Tech, the visitors will have the opportunity to listen to several presentations at the Forum and be informed about the incredible innovation going on in every sector of today and future mobility.

Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange news, views and ideas with experts from all areas of the automobile recycling sector at the 20th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC from 11th-13th March 2020.

For all the details on the program and how to register, go to

ICM talks to GIMS Managing Director ahead of the IARC - Olivier Rihs

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