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In House Environmentally Friendly Packaging

I need spares logo
I Need Spares reuse cardboard for vehicle parts packaging
Cardboard shred out
I Need Spares reuse cardboard for vehicle parts packaging
Cardboard box with shred to the top
I Need Spares reuse cardboard for vehicle parts packaging
Putting part in box with shred

Thomas Hayward, Managing Director of I Need Spares Ltd tells us how their company is helping the environment by reusing cardboard from other businesses as packaging.

One of the environmentally friendly things we do here at INEEDSPARES.COM is use recycled cardboard from local businesses who would usually pay to dispose of it. We separate the cardboard into reusable boxes and non-useable cardboard. We have invested in a cardboard shredding machine which shreds it. We then use this as a form of void fill in our packaging process. 

The benefits of using recycled cardboard include: 

  • We have reduced the amount of plastic bubble wrap that we use.
  • Our average cost of packaging per parcel has decreased.
  • Plastic Bubble Wrap is not considered environmentally friendly.
  • Roles of Plastic Bubble Wrap take up valuable part storage space. 
  • This substantial void fill keeps the box structurally sound for when the parcel gets passed through the external couriers and our own delivery network.
  • It’s easier for the customer to recycle it their end as we let them know that we use recyclable materials.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Customers are becoming more aware of business ethics and how they operate

All round it’s a good process and the machines start from around £2,000. The machine is easy to use and there are many different sizes depending on the usage and size of your business. You’ll just need to find a good supply of cardboard but as most businesses take in deliveries, most of them are happy to release it for free as they would normally pay for it to be disposed of. As a growing start-up business this procedure has helped with keeping cost of sales down which is very important. If anyone would like more information feel free to contact us. 

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