Essential information for end of life vehicle dismantling, depollution and recycling

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It’s not just about being the biggest, it’s about being the best


ASWR is an independent BMW dismantler, they’re based in Openshaw, Manchester, just 2 miles away from the city centre.

Since its founding in 2003 it has grown from strength to strength as a reliable independent BMW parts supplier. 

Currently they are based in a 4000sq ft facility which has been outgrown by the company’s continued success. 

They have been in business for 15 years so what better way to celebrate than by acquiring another 2000sq ft to allow the company more room to grow.

The new site is adjacent to its existing building enabling ASWR to retain all of its experienced staff. The site has been carefully planned out to make way for a new store room where they have managed to turn 2000sq ft into 6000sq ft by its clever mezzanine storage system.


The old store room has now been dismantled and that side of the site will be used to store vehicles on car trees so they can dismantle more cars at the same time.

ASWR MD, Stephen Murphy told ATF Professional, “It’s not about being the biggest, it’s all about being the best, offering quality used parts that have been cleaned and tested with a 90 day warranty, next day delivery, being straight with the customer and highlighting if there are any defects with a product, and if there is an issue we sort it out straight away so as not to leave the customer hanging on and in the dark”. 

This £150,000 investment represents a commitment by ASWR to continue to put its customers first by offering the very best parts and service.

ASWR has a team of 6 staff members and stocks over 10,000 tested, cleaned, and catalogued parts thanks to its software provided by DH Systems. All parts come with full traceability, so you know which part comes from which car.

ASWR makes over 5000 individual shipments of recycled parts worldwide every year.

They also provide cars and parts to the TV and film industry. They are proud to say that they were involved in the Coronation Street 50th anniversary tram crash, and were recently involved in Peter Kay’s Car Share where the door comes flying off in which they had provided vehicle preparation and technical advice.

If you want to find out more about ASWR, visit their website at

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