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It’s Time for Modern Slavery Depollution

Everyone is entitled to freedom, yet it’s shocking to learn that in 2020, slavery is still happening all around us behind closed doors and even in plain sight.

It's time for modern slavery depollution in the sector - Susan Banister
Susan Banister

Globally, an estimated 40.3 million people are living in conditions of modern slavery, whether through forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude or forced marriage. Around 130,000 victims are living among us in the UK, studies suggest. In 2017, 2/3 of all victims rescued by anti-slavery charity, Hope for Justice, had been placed within a recycling or waste management facility.

Entrepreneurial organised criminals are adept at spotting weaknesses in supply chains, with waste management and sorting facilities being a prime target for victim infiltration. In 2017, of all the victims rescued by anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice, a reported two-thirds had been placed within a recycling or waste management facility at some point during their exploitation. Increasing awareness within the sector is starting to cut these numbers, but there is still a long way to go. 

Leading organisations including Biffa, Suez and Pennon Group (which owns Viridor) have seen the benefits of partnering with us at Slave-Free Alliance. Our expert team have extensive frontline experience of modern slavery prevention and bolstering anti-slavery strategies. 

We are helping companies work towards slave-free supply chains, and to do this we must foster a culture of transparency and awareness. Acknowledging the scale of the issue and educating staff to spot the signs of slavery, including physical injuries, acute introversion, dirty unkempt appearance, few possessions and an aura of paranoia, as well as how to deal with a suspected victim, is an essential starting point. 

This preview only scratches the surface. To find out more about modern slavery, how to spot the signs and the steps you can take to prevent it, join their seminar delivered by Susan Banister (ranked in the top 25 UK Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers, 2018) at the Complete Auto Recycling Show (CARS) on 3rd June 2020.


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