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Leading the way in standards compliance

Leading the way in standards compliance ASMASM Auto Recycling leads the way in standards compliance and is proud to announce that its business management systems have been audited and certified as complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 international standards.

These standards relate to systems of Quality Management, Environmental Management and Information Security Management, respectively, and further reinforces ASM’s commitment to safe and responsible recycling in the automotive industry.


Standards compliance – where did it begin?

ASM started working on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with UKAS accredited ACS Registrars in September 2018. The process was more or less a formality because ASM’s quality and environmental systems needed only a few adjustments to be ready for auditing. Certification was achieved in just a couple of months.

In December 2018, and following on from its full GDPR compliance by May 2018, ASM turned its attention to ISO 27001 which, in combination, is arguably more challenging to achieve. ASM viewed undertaking ISO 27001 as being the ideal certification to further enhance its management of the GDPR legislative requirement. More work was necessary to review and update policies and procedures, including some staff training. By May 2019 certification was awarded.

Josh Morgan, Compliance Manager at ASM Auto Recycling, said, “Achieving all three of these standards, particularly ISO 27001, is a huge step for our industry.

“Our motivation for achieving these was to assure our clients that we are continuously monitoring and improving our business. We decided to choose a UKAS accredited awarding body to audit us because we felt that it was the safest way to ensure our certification was universally accepted, also giving our clients confidence that we’re working at a certain level throughout the company.

“ISO 27001 in conjunction with GDPR is perhaps heralded as the big one, especially if you listen to the talk in our industry and the intense media coverage surrounding GDPR. We felt that not only do we want to be GDPR compliant, but also we want to show our clients that we’re going the extra mile in protecting their customers’ personal information, ensuring once again that we are working to the highest possible standards.”

‘At the time of writing, ASM Auto Recycling is believed to be the only company in the vehicle salvage sector to have achieved all three of these certifications through a UKAS accredited awarding body.’

View ASM’s certificates here.


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