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London ATF sees scrapped diesel cars increase as ULEZ expansion fast approaches

Gordon Grove Metal Company reports an increase in the number of diesel cars being scrapped prior to the Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion in October this year


London ATF sees scrapped diesel cars increase as ULEZ expansion fast approaches feat

London is set to take another step in becoming cleaner in October with the expansion of ULEZ. This change will affect hundreds of thousands of Londoners, and many others who drive into the capital, with new emissions standards charging £12.50 a day for non-compliant vehicles.

On 25 October 2021, ULEZ will affect most of the capital with the expansion of the congestion charge zone, meaning it will no longer just be in place in central London.

The original area will be 18 times bigger, and it will include all streets inside South and North Circular Roads. If your car doesn’t comply with the new rules, you have just over 6 months to consider getting rid of your vehicle or face expensive new charges.

Gordon Grove Metal Company, London based Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), states how they have seen an increase in cars being scrapped. However, this isn’t just petrol cars, there has been a huge increase in diesel cars being scrapped too.

Craig Barnaby, Managing Director said: “We have seen a huge increase in the amount of cars coming to us to be scrapped, particularly diesel.

Most people think that if they have a fairly new diesel car it will be compliant, however, most diesel cars bought prior to 2015 do not meet the Euro 6 standards required. This means you will have to pay the £12.50 charge for driving just one mile down the road.”

The standards set for non-compliant vehicles may surprise some motorists. The non-compliant vehicles are any petrol car that doesn’t meet Euro 4 standards, this is generally most cars bought before 2006, and any diesel car that does not hit the Euro 6 standard, as mentioned, this is typically diesel cars bought prior 2015.

London ATF sees scrapped diesel cars increase as ULEZ expansion fast approaches p one

Gordon Grove Metal Company has reported they have seen a 35% increase in diesel cars being scrapped in comparison to this time last year and they expect this figure to grow further.

There are many schemes now in place to encourage motorists to scrap their vehicle in the fight for cleaner air throughout London. Transport for London’s ULEZ scrappage grant means drivers can benefit from a money sum to take their car off the road and scrap it.

You can read more about this here:

If you have a vehicle that emits high emissions and you need to get rid of it before the new ULEZ expansion comes into force in October, call Gordon Grove Metal Company on 0203 917 4516.

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