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Metals recycling sector launches second apprenticeship – MRTM

The metals recycling industry has launched its second sector-specific apprenticeship, the level 5 Metal Recycling Technical Manager (MRTM).


Metals recycling sector launches second apprenticeship - MRTM feat
Donna Rogers

The MRTM Apprenticeship is set to become the new route for technical competence. It is an enhanced learning route for more experienced individuals in the sector such as depot or site managers.

The broad purpose of the role is to manage a commercially viable site in the metal recycling sector, which considers and responds to strict regulations and legislation specific to the sectors operational activity.

MRTM apprentices will learn about the management of day-to-day operations of a site. They will learn to be accountable for all activity, broadly split into the following areas: health and safety; environmental and regulatory impacts; financial responsibility; human resources; operations and logistics; and community relationships.

Antonia Grey, representative of the British Metals Recycling Association on the Metals Recycling Apprenticeship Trailblazer group said:

“With a predicted first cohort of some 20 learners, it is very rewarding to see the metals recycling industry embracing their own level 5 apprenticeship. Alongside the level 2 Metals Recycling General Operative, we really are building a strong career path for employees in the sector”

“A lot of work was put in by the Trailblazer group to develop the MRTM apprenticeship and we are all very proud of what we have achieved, not least the outstanding funding amount of £16,000 to cover the cost of training. While this amount can be drawn down by Apprenticeship Levy payers, the Government will pay 95% of this for SMEs.”

The Trailblazer group comprises representatives from EMR, Recycled Products Ltd, Recycling Lives, S Norton and Sims Metal Management.

Donna Rogers of Rogers Metal Management has decided to put herself forward for the MRTM apprenticeship. She said:

“The apprenticeship is a great way for me to increase my operational competence while increasing the resilience of our business. It offers a golden opportunity to learn from others with a wealth of experience of the industry – especially in the areas of operations and logistics. Of course, I also want to do it from a personal development; I have an administrative background and wish to build on my practical knowledge of the metals recycling industry.”

“By undertaking the apprenticeship, I hope to achieve greater competence and confidence to efficiently run a site and to be able to read the markets and proactively respond to the changing landscape of the global economy.”

Excitingly, the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management will recognise the Metal Recycling Technical Manager for student membership during the apprenticeship and Associate Member level upon completion. The experience gained and responsibility held by the apprentice on completion of the apprenticeship standard will partially satisfy the requirements for Chartered Member. Apprentices will be required to pass an additional interview on successful completion of the apprenticeship standard to lead to Chartered status.

There are currently two apprenticeships available to the metals recycling sector: 

These are the first two sector-specific apprenticeships to serve the metal recycling industry.

The fruit of a combined four years’ work by a group comprising metal recyclers large and small, these two apprenticeships will deliver operatives that are able to take on a wide range of roles from ELV depollution to materials classification, and a site manager who a technically competent.

Click here to learn more about the MRTM

For further information, please contact Antonia Grey, please email her at

Metals recycling sector launches second apprenticeship - MRTM feat one-two

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