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Adam Hewitt
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Paint it Black!

black car

Black cars are still popular

In future times those spending time in their yards may be going back into the office, distribution bay or home feeling full of gloom or despair. However, the reason for feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders may not be because of an impending tax bill or concern that if the underground drainage is operating properly or with the EA about to pay a visit but because there is not enough colour in their lives. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) sites throughout the UK are about to become much darker and monochrome. 

The UK’s most popular car paint colours in 2017

 Colour No. Registrations % market share % change on 2016
Black 515,970 20.3% +0.2%
Grey 500,714 19.7% +2.4%
White 482,099 19% +1.5%
Blue 405,758 16% +0.6%
Silver 254,192 10% -0.1%
Red 251,104 9.9% -1.4%
Green 26,834 1.1% +0.03%
Orange 19,064 0.8% +0.1%
Bronze 12,421 0.5% +0.16%
Yellow 10,301 0.4% -0.1%

The SMMT report that black has become the most popular car colour of 2017. Over half a million, equating to 20%, cars sold last year and their new owners chose to pay a premium to drive black cars. Although the second most popular colour is grey. As these cars find their way to breaker yards in future years the immediate environment for our industry could become quite bleak. 

To add to this potential colourless landscape, the third most popular choice was white which had held the top spot for in the previous four years.

Blue, then Silver followed as 4th and 5th most popular, respectively. Although, it is predicted by industry experts that blue is set to be the most common colour in 2018 but not because of consumer preference but as a result of the car makers’ strategies. 

Most popular colours by car 2017

These were the best-selling cars in the UK in 2017 – and the colours consumers liked best…

Car Colour
Ford Fiesta Blue
Volkswagon Golf Grey
Ford Focus Blue
Nissan Qashqai Black
Vauxhall Corsa Grey
Vauxhall Astra Black
Volkswagon Polo Grey
Mercedes C-Class Black
Mercedes A-Class Black

As far as most popular colours by car goes for 2017, the blue Ford Fiesta was most sort after. 

So with all of this in mind, perhaps a couple of pictures on the wall and Hawaiian shirts may be in order to brighten up your day in the future. 


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