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Partnership signed to increase the use of re-used spare parts

partnership signed between Indra Automobile Recycling and Groupe PSA regarding re-used spare parts
Partnership signed between Indra Automobile Recycling and Groupe PSA
Last month saw the partnership signed between Indra Automobile Recycling and Groupe PSA to increase the use of re-used spare parts on the 13th January 2019 at the annual Indra Automobile Recycling Convention in Brussels.

The objective for both partners is to make it easier for Groupe PSA 4,000 authorised repairers in France to order and to commercialise all makes re-used spare parts.

To do this, Groupe PSA recommends that its networks use the PRECIS tool, integrated into Service Box, Groupe PSA’s order portal. This tool, developed by Indra Automobile Recycling and Sidexa, offers both a better quality service and a turnkey solution for automotive repairers, in addition to guaranteeing the traceability of parts.

Integrating this service into Service Box allows Groupe PSA to offer its customers a complete range of parts from the circular economy, supplementing remanufactured and “Repair & Return” parts.

At present, almost 380,000 re-used spare parts are available in the PRECIS tool and an average of 1,820 orders are taken per month. In addition. Indra Automotive Recycling’s expertise guarantees high-quality fitting, storage and packaging, quality checks and cleaning. ELV centres deliver 90% of parts within 24 hours. By promoting the democratisation of re-used parts to the vehicle repair industry, these partners are driving energy transition.

Véronique Morel, Senior Vice President of the Circular Economy Business Unit within PSA Aftermarket said: “Our strategy is to fulfil all customers’ expectations worldwide, whatever their budget and the make or age of their vehicle. This partnership makes it easier for our networks to promote re-used parts and thus to respond to customers’ demand for a cheaper and responsible offer. It contributes to the campaign we launched to increase sales of parts from the circular economy — not only re-used but also remanufactured and repaired parts.”

Loïc Bey-Rozet, CEO of INDRA AUTOMOBILE RECYCLING said: “Our PRECIS system, dedicated to second-hand replacement parts, was designed to allow all stakeholders—from the consumer to the repairer via the insurer—to benefit financially and help the environment. The success of our PRECIS platform with Groupe PSA networks will be one of the key indicators in demonstrating that the automotive sector is fully embracing the circular economy.”


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