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Salvage Wire receives award for 2019

Salvage Wire receivesRecycling & Waste Management AwardSalvage Wire has received Best Automotive Recycling Consultancy 2019 in the Build Recycling and Waste Management Awards for their achievement and innovation made within the industry.

Salvage Wire is a consultancy and training provider with a focus on helping automotive recyclers become leaders in their industry. Salvage Wire brings over 40 years of experience in the industry and an awareness of new trends and technologies to improve companies’ policies and help them to prepare for the future. The team has provided training on the Safe Handling of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at businesses and industry events globally, a training programme which is accessible to everyone in contact with these vehicles, from vehicle recyclers, vehicle technicians and engineers to first responders.

About the awards

The Recycling & Waste Management Awards were hosted by BUILD who celebrate the achievements and innovation made by businesses in the Recycling industry and why it is more important than ever.

The aim was to cover all the aspects of the Recycling & Waste sector and make sure every company that has innovated and done great work in the past 12 months receives the recognition they deserve.

The Recycling & Waste Management Awards allows all firms within the industry to showcase the hard work they have done and to display any future products or services that they will offer. They also have the opportunity to explain how this will impact the future of the industry.

The award programme makes sure every company is thoroughly researched, so that the awards are only given based on merit and not how many votes have been received. They investigate many different fields when judging a company such as dedication to customer service excellence and innovation that the company brings to their industry.

Being successful in these awards is a huge achievement and every firm should be proud, taking part in this year’s programme brings many opportunities with it.

To see the winners list, click here.

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