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Silverlake Automotive Recycling Awarded VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler Certification

Silverlake Automotive Recycling have recently been awarded the VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler certification by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA).


Silverlake Automotive Recycling Awarded VRAC Certi fied Vehicle Recycler Certification p

This accreditation is testament to the work Silverlake does at its 10-acre end-of-life vehicle ATF in Hampshire. Its main focus is the acquisition and recycling of insurance, total loss and ELVs, providing quality graded parts to its customers worldwide.

The VRA Certification audit enabled the team at Silverlake to demonstrate the company’s continuous investment in its facility, confirming it has the capability to meet and often exceed the standards set for compliance; the team showcased its robust quality management system and demonstrated that all processes are aligned to achieve optimum performance throughout the process

Allen Prebble, Managing Director, Silverlake Automotive Recycling explains: 

“We are extremely proud to be recognised and accredited by the VRA. As a key player in the UK’s vehicle recycling sector, we are keen to promote that as a collective we must strive to achieve consumer confidence in the use of reclaimed vehicle parts. The aim being that the use of green parts by insurers, body shops and vehicle repairers becomes standard practice. The introduction of this scheme from the VRA is a game-changer and will drive success for our industry in the future, a positive commercially and a merit environmentally.”

Steve Diaper, Operations Manager at Silverlake, who led the audit process with the VRA continues: 

“The UK vehicle recycling sector has grown exponentially in the last decade and we don’t predict that growth to slow down. With the introduction of online sales platforms such as eBay and Green Parts Specialists, which occupy a significant share in the market, the sale of reclaimed parts has been normalised. The procedures in place at our site enable us to appropriately identify, test, remove and document all parts for sale, ensuring that each part is traceable and quality-graded, thus providing peace of mind to the end-user.”

Silverlake Automotive Recycling Awarded VRAC Certified Vehicle Recycler Certification p five

Accreditation for Silverlake and its peers creates unlimited opportunity for the market to work together, not only to build the confidence in green parts that has been lacking until now but also to contribute positively on an environmental level.


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