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Silverlake’s Logistics Manager celebrates 29 years’ service

Martin Chalk, Logistics Manager at Silverlake Automotive Recycling is celebrating 29 years of service to the business as of September 2021. 


Silverlake’s Logistics Manager celebrates 29 years’ service p one
Martin Chalk

Known to colleagues as ‘The Legend’ for his problem solving skills and supportive approach, Martin has worked in every area of the business. He started his working life training as a chef and, on quickly realising that was not for him, switched to an apprenticeship as a trainee HGV mechanic. When the recession hit three years later, causing his role to be made redundant, he joined Silverlake in September 1992 as a vehicle dismantler. Over his 29 years with the company he has also worked in sales, vehicle preparation for auction, been an HGV driver collecting vehicles bought through the company’s ‘Scrap My Car’ scheme and acted as Transport Supervisor.

Martin has seen huge changes and immense growth in the business over his 29 years.  The transport department used to have two lorries and two drivers; now there is a fleet of 25 lorries and 18 drivers. The head office used to operate from a porta cabin, now it sits in a 10 acre site and covers 10,000 m2 and is fitted out with market leading technology. Success he believes has come from a clear vision applied with a driven focus by management and implemented with exacting accuracy and organisation.

Martin brings practical experience to his recently appointed role as Logistics Manager.  His focus is to ensure maximum efficiency across the transport fleet, accommodating the growth in the number of salvage cars being collected, and applying environmental controls to support the business in its strategic aim to reduce its carbon footprint.

Martin is excited about the future explaining:

“I love the place and the people. Turning challenges into opportunities is my adrenalin and the pace of change here keeps me highly motivated. By knowing and working to our drivers’ strengths; plus precise daily route planning for our fleet; and increased customer communication, to ensure vehicles and their keys are ready for collection on the agreed date; I’m convinced we can further reduce carbon emissions and boost productivity. 

I’m looking forward to further enhancing my management skills whilst bringing practical experience to my new role, alongside continuing to share tips with the teams across the business. Shared knowledge is the most powerful knowledge in my book.”


Silverlake’s Logistics Manager celebrates 29 years’ service p two
Allen Prebble

Allen Prebble, managing director at Silverlake Automotive Recycling said:

“Martin embraces change and seizes opportunity; his appetite to acquire and pass on skills and knowledge makes him a stand out mentor in the business. And his grass roots understanding of our transport department makes him the ideal Logistics Manager. The chef and engineering professions lost a rare talent all those years ago and I’m delighted that he joined us and decided to make his career here. The HGV world is in Martin’s blood; his father was an HGV driver and even now, Martin still enjoys showing our drivers ways to make their jobs easier. He’s a one-off.”

Visit’s Logistics Manager celebrates 29 years’ service p three

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