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If you belong to a company that provides a servicet to the vehicle dismantling industry and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.

Specialist ATFs and Dismantlers

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Fab Recycling Ltd

FAB Recycling Ltd specialises in dismantling and has contracts with many dismantlers. Because they have specialist knowledge and existing outlets, they can offer good prices for all quality vehicles. 

Silverlake Automotive Recycling is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility [ATF] based in Southampton. Our highly trained staff compliantly dismantle, decontaminate and depollute thousands of vehicles every month, in accordance with End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Regulations, as per European Regulations Directive 2000/53/EC dated 18th September 2000 (End of Life Regulations). We are trusted to provide this service by Insurers, Police, Local Authorities and public sector emergency response organisations. We recycle 95% of all end-of-life vehicles, annually reporting our compliance with the targets set by the EU ELV Directive to DEFRA.