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If you belong to a company that provides a service to the vehicle dismantling industry and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.

Stock Control Systems

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BreakerPRO - Professional Management System for Dismantlers

BreakerPRO is a full management system to provide dismantlers the essential tools to manage your breakers and part stock. Integrated fully with Ebay, and can automatically quote on 1st Choice part requests (and other part finder sites), 24 hours a day.

Your stock is instantly published to the web site, where we promote your parts, and upload to Google Shopping channel, to increase potential sales to the parts you have in stock. The system also publishes your stock to other high ranking web sites to further expose your available stock.

Part Technical data including part numbers, fitment compatibilities, gearbox & engine codes and techincal data automatically updates when adding new stock into BreakerPRO.

BreakerPRO Mobile is available on Android and iOS to allow you to add stock via your smartphone or tablet. With ease using the touch screen interface to quickly navigate and allocate parts. The Mobile app also allows taking of images, and using the device as a barcode reader to scan parts into locations - with more features being added all the time. 

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