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The 2nd Annual Vehicle Recycling International Conference review

The 2nd Annual Vehicle Recycling International Conference 2019Berlin was the host to the 2nd Annual Vehicle Recycling International Conference on October 22nd-23rd. The two day conference was attended by those predominantly from throughout Europe but also greeted people from as far away as India.  

The event was organised by Business Conference Facilitation (BCF) and hosted by Geoff Scamans from Innoval Technology who also provided up-to-date information on how recycling aluminium factored into the automotive industry. 

Speakers focussed on plastics, metal and rubber recycling, and naturally, how EV batteries will play a part in the vehicle recycling industry. 

Olivier Gaudeau from INDRA delivered research on how ELV recycling can become more productive with regards to reuse and recycling. Within his presentation he mentioned how various research bodies were studying how to increase productivity in an ATF by up to 20%. This included taking in every factor of a vehicle dismantling company such as staff productivity, mechanisation and R&D. 

Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General of EuRIC provided his proposals to the new ELV directive. Amongst them he mentioned a need to improve registration and deregistration systems, including temporary deregistration and also well-framed financial incentives for the last holder to deliver a vehicle to ATFs. He also stressed the importance of the need for an incentive towards the post-consumer recycled content of plastics in new cars to foster the demand for recycled plastics from ELVs.

The 2nd Annual Vehicle Recycling International Conference 2019Plastics and their role in ELVs and the circular economy continued to be a topic which radiated throughout the two day conference. Vincente Vert from Aimplas provided some real approaches on managing and circularising plastic waste from ELVs. After an engaging speech where he highlighted several European strategies, he concluded that ELV management needed to be circular, plastics in vehicle are diverse in its chemical nature and such needed a proper sorting system. He also hinted that with the increase in plastics appearing in vehicles, sustainability was key and how new target figures could appear beyond 2020. 

Maria Teresa Scrivani from Proplast in Italy continued with the theme of plastics and looked at the need for investment in smart technology to produce secondary raw materials to be made affordable to the market. She also provided encouraging news when it came to the challenges around FLUFF that is found in ELVs.

Issues surrounding Tyres and rubber was addressed by several speakers. Wilma Dierkes from Twente University provided an insight as to the importance of recycling all rubber parts in an ELV and how it could be achieved. Ettore Musacchi from ETRA provided news on the challenges facing his organisation regarding tyre recycling and how ETRA can help the automotive industry by identifying a range of automotive products using recycled rubber. Przemyslaw Zaprzalski from the Recykl Group discussed devulcanised rubber being put back into new tyres and recycled rubber compounds for industrial products. 

Jan Tytgat Umicore at BCF event
Jan Tytgat, Umicore

Of course, no conference concerning vehicle recycling could be complete without a discussion concerning EV batteries. Jan Tytgat from Umicore provided his knowledge when it came to processing EV batteries and the care needed to do so with regard to safety. He also provided his recommendations as to what needed to be considered when recycling such batteries including simplified notification for procedures for hazardous waste and a review of recycling efficiency targets concerning EV battery materials. 

With plenty of time to ask the speakers individual questions, combined with lunches and evening functions, there was plenty of opportunity to network and make new friends. The Vehicle Recycling Annual International Conference provides an intimate atmosphere to gather information on the main focuses of vehicle recycling and is organised by a very enthusiastic team. Here is looking forward to the third!

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