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The future of the ELV Directive

Artemis Hatzi-Hull discusses the ELV directive
Artemis Hatzi-Hull
Among the many speakers at last months CARS expo in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire was Artemis Hatzi-Hull, DG Environment, European Commission. She gave a talk on the second day of the show (12th July) entitled – The future of the ELV directive.


Since the finalisation of the EU Circular Economy Package in May 2018, reviews and revisions for the ELV directive need to be submitted to the EU Commission by 31st December 2020.

Ms Hatzi-Hull, responsible for ELVs at the European Commission, discussed what issues may be raised during this review, and how improvements can be made. Better tracking of ELVs is on the agenda by making improvements to registration and de-registration of vehicles in member states and out of member states. She also said that a need for better co-operation in member states on CoDs and re-registration of vehicles will be raised. And enforcement to reduce illegal dismantling of ELVs at dealers and repair shops will be reviewed.

She said, that they need to rethink a number of aspects of the directive, ranging from legislation but also the material composition of cars. Studies have suggested that plastics used in vehicles accounts for around 9% of all plastic waste in Europe. They need to look at ways of potentially getting more manufacturers to use recycled plastic, for example, and cut down on materials which are damaging to the environment.

She mentioned how plastics in cars was increasing from 12-15% to 18% by 2020 so ideas on ELV tools to improve plastic recycling is required. 

Ms Hatzi-Hull gave a figure of 4,660,000 missing vehicles that the EU Commission has expressed concern with which is mainly the 26 countries in the ‘visa-free travel’ zone, as it is difficult to trace where cars end up as they can be sold across borders easily, in particular to buyers in Eastern European countries.

Other aspects of the ELV directive which the Commission will focus on is to work out which directive different electrical items fall under, for example, a car radio, does it fall under the WEEE directive or the ELV directive? A proposal for a review of the batteries and the WEEE directive is underway.

To find out more from the European Commission click on the following link:

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