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The Green Parts Specialists shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards

The Green Parts Specialists (GPS), provider of used OEM green parts, have been shortlisted for the Partnership Excellence – Commercial category at the upcoming MRW National Recycling Awards, a prestigious awards in the recycling and resource management sector. The event will be held in December.


GPS shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards p

Joe March, Commercial Manager from The Green Parts Specialists said:

“The National Recycling Awards offers an opportunity to highlight to an audience outside of our immediate industry the great environmental benefits that Recycled Green Parts have provided to the insurance and repair industry. Climate change and environmental awareness are daily talking points across all media platforms. We see this as a forum to highlight the steps our industries are taking to invoke sustainable change.

With the ABI setting out their climate change roadmap to meet the UK’s Net Zero Target, this is just one of many opportunities for insurance, repairer and vehicle dismantling partners to collaborate to achieve that goal, a point well made in our award submission for the award of ‘Partnership Excellence’ within the commercial category.

On a wider note, the inclusion for such a prestigious award will only aid in raising the profile of our collaboration across a much broader audience as we share with the general public as well as public and private sector bodies the reasons why the adoption of Green Parts in repair supply chains can make such a positive environmental impact.”

GPS shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards RC
Robin Challand

Robin Challand, Claims Director at Ageas Insurance, said:

“We are pleased to see further recognition for our work to reduce the impact of car repairs on the environment. Working with The Green Parts Specialists, we have looked to innovate in this space, enabling us to develop a solution to this challenge.

“We are feeding our salvaged vehicles into our green parts supply, creating access to more green parts. It means that if our customers have been unlucky enough for their car to be written off in an accident, any perfectly good and undamaged parts from that car can get a new life by feeding into our green parts supply. Now, around 1 in 5 of the green car parts we use comes from our salvaged vehicles.”

To find out more about The Green Parts Specialist, visit

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