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The IRT comes to Norfolk

The IRT comes to Norfolk

The International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT) brings together the leading international automotive recycler associations, industry officials, guest speakers and local auto recyclers to discuss the global auto recycling industry.

Previous IRT’s in Brussels, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Coffs Harbour, Quebec City, Liverpool, Phoenix, Kushiro, Malacca City, and Niagara Falls have been a catalyst for the global recyclers to share information about emerging technical and regulatory trends, business opportunities, and to showcase local and industry best practices.

Held every 18 months the IRT brings the peak national associations to discuss the ever-changing world of auto recycling.

The IRT on Automotive Recycling along with other national and internationals congresses and association is realising the value and importance of working together for the benefit of the global vehicle recycling industry. 

It is predicted that 85 million cars will be built and put into use in 2020. In excess of 40% of these vehicles will have some form of electric power, either full electric, hybrid or fuel cell (hydrogen). All of these vehicles will require recycling at the end of their life, the increased complexity of the vehicles, and use of rare metals including rare earth metals makes quality automotive recycling a necessity.

The IRT gives excellent opportunities for recycling operations and associations to meet and share best practice with each other, and for developing recycling operations and associations to learn, grow and develop safe, ethical and profitable automotive recycling systems and processes that can deliver a high level of re-use and recycling of automotive parts, vehicles and their products.

The next IRT is scheduled for 2-4 May 2019 in Norfolk, England. 

Topics to include:

• Country reports and updates

• Safety aspects of collection and recycling of electric vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, bikes) and the recycling of high voltage components from these vehicles. 

• Benefits of the circular economy for car manufacturers and recyclers  

• Country reports and updates

• Autonomous driving vehicles and their impact on vehicle recycling

• Next generation recycling processes and equipment and innovations in dismantling, shredding and sorting 

• How to recycle new materials used in future cars. 


The exhibition area offers the chance to network and forge great relationships and promote your products to all delegates. All providers of equipment, software, services and training to the vehicle recycling industry are welcome in the exhibition. 

If you are interested in attending or holding a presentation at this event or if you wish to exhibit or are interested in sponsoring, please fill out the form provided or contact Andy Latham at Salvage Wire Ltd by emailing him at for further details.

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