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The Top 15 Salvage Companies 2017

Top 15 salvage companiesThe 2017-18 UK Body Repair Industry Yearbook was recently released by ABP Club (Auto Body Professional Club). Included in the annual review was a list of the Top 15 Salvage Companies of 2017. 

Position Company Turnover Turnover previous year Staff numbers
1 Copart UK Ltd 

+ U-PULL-IT (used parts)







2 Car Transplants (Holdings) Ltd £50.0m annualised £32.5m 102
3 Motorhog Holdings Ltd £42.2m £38.8m
4 HBC Vehicle Services Ltd £38.0m annualised £30.1m 79
5 ASM Auto Recycling Ltd £17.5m £14.0m 92
6 Charles Trent Ltd £16.4m £14.1m 134
7 Ampthill Metal Co Ltd £14.0m £14.0m 48
8 Hills (Ormskirk) Holdings Ltd £13.7m £11.6m 130
9 Silverlake Garage (Motor Salvage) Ltd £12.7m £12.0m 85
10 Overton Garage Ltd £12.0m* £11.0m* 37
11 Bridgend Garage (Auchinleck) Ltd £7.0m £7.8m 27
12 Traynors Ltd £6.9m £6.6m 65
13 North East Motor Salvage Ltd £5.0m* £5.0m* N/A
14 Combellack Vehicle Recyclers Ltd £4.5m* £4.3m* N/A
15 Chase Autos Ltd £4.2m £4.1m 15
                 TOP 15 TOTAL                         £375.2m              £328.9m

*Estimated figures based on market research

From the chart, unsurprisingly, Copart UK Ltd are at the top and since the US company entered the market in 2007 their market share continues to grow. However, what is encouraging is that almost all of the other companies included in the list also show signs of growth. When combined, there has been an increase of £46.3m compared to the previous year (2016).

The figures pretty much speak for themselves and can be conceived as encouraging for the industry and its future. This is also combined with recent data suggesting that the annual number of MIAFTR notifications is significantly higher (at in excess of 700,000 pa 2015-16) than previously suspected, with average category breakdown as follows: A 2%, B 17%, C 52%, D 30%.

However, what is important to note is that the MIAFTR is based on the old CoP. It is going to be interesting to see if the categorising system has any effect on these statistics.

With the top 15 dismantlers showing a healthy growth it is hoped that this is reflective throughout the industry and smaller operations are also seeing increasing returns. 

Do you think the list is representative of the all ATF’s in the country?

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