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Toyota video promotes safe handling of HV batteries

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As a leader in hybrid technology, Toyota has developed a video to explain how to safely handle a lithium hybrid battery and to demonstrate the safety aspects of working with high voltage components such as industrial batteries. This video is intended for use by ATFs authorised to work on electrified vehicles and explains in detail all the necessary steps for proper treatment of lithium high voltage batteries.

The video features the handling of a high voltage battery from a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). However, the process is similar to that required for all electrified vehicles.


Toyota is aiming to reduce the environmental impact attributed to its activity to as close to zero as possible, while developing measures to contribute positively to the earth and its societies with the aim of achieving a sustainable society. That’s why, in October 2015, Toyota announced the creation of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, the foundation of its long term targets, building on previous environmental initiatives. 

It comprises of 6 challenges, covering many aspects of environmental performance, and not just cars (find out more here).

The Challenge 5 (challenge of establishing a recycling-based society and systems) consists of building a stronger relationship between Toyota and vehicle dismantlers. The Challenge could have the biggest impact within the industry as Toyota’s goal is to promote the global deployment of end-of-life treatment and recycling technologies and systems.

To this aim, Toyota started the Global 100 Dismantler project, aiming at establishing one hundred treatment facilities around the world by 2050 in developing countries, where currently there is no proper dismantling of vehicles. Toyota wants to promote safety in both developed and developing countries through different means such as easy to understand videos.

Jason Cross from SYNETIQ said:

Jason Cross
Jason Cross

“It’s great that such a video has been produced by Toyota. What is most encouraging is that it is easy to understand and very practical. Also, by using equipment that most dismantlers have in their yards, it brings EV batteries into the real world. 

 Ideally IDIS should also contain such information and hopefully we will see it in the   future and also from all manufacturers. The dismantling of EV batteries is going to   become increasingly prevalent in our industry and technicians safety should be at the   forefront. 

 The information that Toyota has provided highlights how we need to work closely   together. It also shows the important role vehicle dismantlers will play as the world   of the automobile evolves.” 

Steve Hope, General Manager – Environmental Affairs & Corporate Citizenship at Toyota Motor Europe said:

Steve Hope - Toyota
Steve Hope – Toyota Motor Europe

As the introduction of new technology and materials become more apparent, Toyota is much aware of the important role that ATFs will play in helping them achieve their goals. To complete the loop of a desired circular economy, both industries will have substantial parts to play. With this, Toyota are happy to share information with regards to safety and also to assist ATFs around the world in helping to achieve a resource/recycling based economy”.


As a next step, Toyota is working on a video showing how to handle fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) at the end-of-life. 

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