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Understanding the Online World for Business Growth and Increased Profits

On 11th July Michael Bennett, Manager Director of Pelican Communications and Patrick Rose, Director of Hot House Digital will be presenting at this year’s Complete Auto Recycling Show (CARS). As experts in digital and marketing, Michael and Patrick will be leading a discussion on ‘Utilising the Online World for Growth and Increased Profits’.

With a background in journalism, Michael has been the Managing Director of Pelican Communications for nearly 20 years; a specialist agency with a focus on the environment sector. While Patrick has earned his stripes in working with some of the leading digital agencies in the country and has now set up his own, with business partner James Lockwood. 

Both Patrick and Michael will be educating you on the best ways in making the most out of the internet, how the online world can help further your visibility and grow your customer base. 

Focussing on the need-to-know essentials, they will be giving us an insight in to Google Analytics in tracking the journey of the visitors to your website and how observing the trends that occur, can help you understand the behaviour of your users. 

An important and constantly evolving aspect of the online world to make use of is social media. Utilising social media can help to further your brand presence and with the right platforms you can access your chosen audience’s network. With the ability of being able to enter your audience’s social feed, you give them the opportunity to see what you have to offer, enter your site and hopefully you will be able to see your conversion rate grow! Michael and Patrick will guide you on the best practices in using social media as part of your marketing strategy and provide some excellent tips in using such a valued means of communication. 

Another key factor to be aware of is optimising your website and online activity in order to help your business’ website appear higher up in search engine results. This includes creating a business listing with Google and ensuring your online content is all in order. 

As well as giving you an oversight into developing your online presence, Patrick and Michael will also delve further and guide you on how to increase your online activity, once you have covered the basics. They will be discussing topics such as how to ensure your website works well and understanding the level of popularity of a word or a phrase which can help to improve your own search engine rankings. 

With the expert knowledge from both Patrick and Michael, you will be fully equipped to take on the online world and utilise the tools it has to offer to further your brand and be seen by audiences that may have been impossible to reach without the vital tool of a better online presence. 

Michael and Patrick will be starting their presentation at 2.30pm on the 11th July, we look forward to seeing you all there! 

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