Essential information for end of life vehicle dismantling, depollution and recycling

Adam Hewitt

Equipment Directory

If you belong to a company that provides equipment to the vehicle dismantling industry and would like others to find out about what you do, please contact ATF Professional.

Vehicle Tilting Rigs

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Green Car Depollution Side Tip Prep Stand

Specifically designed to help reduce the dismantling times of ELV’s, the Green Car SideTip allows ease of access to the underside of vehicles in order that they can be worked on efficiently and safely. Catalytic converters, engines, batteries, wheel and tyres can be removed quickly with minimal effort. Can reduce dismantling time by 70%!

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Iris-Mec ELV Tilting Rig

The revolutionary ELV tilting dismantling rig, which automatically and positively clamps and rotates the vehicle through 90 degrees, into the vertical position, which then allows easy and safe removal of all mechanical parts, without the neccessity of the operator standing directly underneath the vehicle, ensuring operator safety.