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What it means to be a Client Services Team Senior at e2e

Rob Phillips, Client Services Team Senior at e2e total loss vehicle management discusses the part he plays in the vehicle recycling industry.


What it means to be a Client Services Team Senior at e2e f
Rob Phillips

I joined e2e as member of the Client Services Team in 2004, as part of a work placement linked to my ITEC apprenticeship. I felt really lucky to be offered a permanent role and I’ve chosen to build my career in client services which I think is effectively the front line of the business. In my 17 years with the company I’ve seen huge changes in the ways that we deliver services to our clients but with one over-arching principle that remains constant – caring for our clients sits at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make!  And I love that we live up to that promise.

The Client Services Team at e2e looks after our insurer and fleet operator clients, insurance policyholders and our members that make up the e2e network. The needs of our clients can be extremely varied and building a rapport with clients and understanding their specific requirements is really important. On any given day I might be helping a policyholder through the stress of a total loss situation by arranging to collect and send on personal belongings they have left in the vehicle or retrieving a cherished number plate; for an insurer, I could be getting V5 documentation and keys from a policyholder and validating documentation and identity details to support their counter-fraud strategies; and I may be helping a member to overcome a challenge that has come up when they arrive to collect a total loss vehicle on our instructions. As a team senior I also monitor team work flow, assist with resource planning and help my colleagues with problem solving when the need arises. To say the role is varied would be an understatement – no two days are alike and that makes for a dynamic working week!

Everything we do in client services is underpinned by good communication, keeping all parties involved in any total loss case informed. We produce regular status reports for insurer clients and members to keep them up to date with all the total loss cases we are handling for/with them. Policyholders too need reassurance about what is happening through the process. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my career is all the technology and communication channels we now have available.

Back in 2004 we used to do everything manually and relied a lot on fax machines! Today, we have streamlined, automated processes which improve efficiency and give us more time to concentrate on our clients. We are able to give the clients choices when it comes to communicating with us. NS Genius is our client portal with a self-service facility where insurers, fleet operators and members can log in, view records/reports and vehicle images and see exactly where a vehicle is in the process, as well as send a message directly to client services. We have also introduced live chat on our website which allows for instant responses to queries. As a team senior, my role extends to overseeing the live chat facility ensuring it works well for our clients. Policyholders can also email or ring us, with quite a few preferring to talk through what is happening.

The quality of client services is fundamental to our business reputation and customer experience. I love the fact that as individuals and a team we are problem solvers and we can really make a difference to the business and the customer experience. 

Because we are dealing with clients across the board we can spot common needs or problems and support the company with service innovation by putting forward new ideas and process improvements. Being able to help clients, make a difference and influence change is really rewarding and why I chose to make my career in client services.

I’m excited for the next phase of growth of the business and the opportunities that brings to innovate in client services. As an industry, salvage and automotive recycling is pivotal to the Net Zero agenda set by the Government and I believe we are going to see great things achieved with reclaimed parts and electric vehicles. Change is definitely coming and we are ready to embrace it.

Some health challenges late last year, which saw me have to take some time out of work to convalesce, served as a great reminder for how important our friends and family are. I was overwhelmed by the care and support I received from everyone in the business, which is like an extended family. I’m looking forward to being able to get involved in some of the more strenuous e2e team charity challenges again next year. For now, I’m continuing with my love of cooking and baking and of course, it always has to be an indulgent Nigella recipe. I’m also an avid follower of Sewing Bee. So, whoever is my e2e Secret Santa this year can definitely look forward to something homemade!


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