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Adam Hewitt

Will your fuel come from plastic?

CarTakeBack provided us with the following article which relates to how research is taking place to find a way or turning plastic waste into fuel for vehicles. 

Plastic waste is hitting the headlines a lot lately, and it’s encouraging people to come up with solutions. Research scientists at Swansea University in Wales have developed a way to turn plastic into fuel that could be used to run cars.

Lead by Dr Moritz Kuehnel, the team of scientists have created a process that turns plastic, that may be expensive to wash and purify to be ready for recycling, into hydrogen. The plastic has light absorbing material added before being put in an alkaline solution. When this mix is exposed to sunlight, hydrogen is created.

The team thinks that this process could be a cheaper alternative to traditional plastic recycling because any type of plastic can be used, and you do not need to go through the expensive process of cleaning and sorting it.

Dr Moritz Kuehnel has said “The beauty of this process is that it’s not very picky. It can degrade all sorts of waste. Even if there is food or a bit of grease from a margarine tub, it doesn’t stop the reaction, it makes it better.”

As an added bonus, the remains left over from the process are clean, and can be recycled into making new plastic.

The work, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council, and an Austrian petrochemical Company, is a few years away from the possibility of it being rolled out for use commercially, but it’s a very promising project that we are excited to see progress.






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Owain Griffiths

Owain Griffiths

Head of Circular Economy at Volvo Cars

Owain joined Volvo Cars in June 2021 to lead Circular Economy in the Global Sustainability Team. The company has committed to being a circular business by 2040 and has financial, recycled content and CO2 based targets for 2025, all of which Owain is working across the company to make happen. Owain previously worked for circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins where he advised businesses on evidence led circular economy implementation. 

Turning into a circular business and the importance of vehicle reuse and recycling.

The presentation will cover the work Volvo Cars is doing to achieve 2025 but mainly focus on the transformational work towards 2040 and the business and value chain changes being considered. Attention will be paid to the way vehicles are being dealt with at the end of life and the complexities of closing material and component loops. Opportunities and challenges which Volvo Cars is facing will be presented including engagement with 3rd parties and increasing pressure from stakeholders.