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WISH publishes new document – COVID-19 and Waste Management Activities

A new document from WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum) has been released with regards to COVID-19 and Waste Management Activities. 


WISH - COVID-19 Document


The document covers the following topics when it comes to dealing with the current crisis:

  1. COVID-19 and why it may be a problem for waste management
  2. Symptoms and what to do if an employee shows the symptoms
  3. Controlling the spread of COVID-19 – general precautions

 ▪ Good hygiene

 ▪ Social Distancing

 ▪ Cleaning procedures

 ▪ Handling wastes – can I catch it this way?

 ▪ PPE (personal protective equipment)

 ▪ Vulnerable persons

4. Changes made in response to COVID-19

 ▪ Maintaining critical competencies and standards

 ▪ Change management

 ▪ Inspections, testing, maintenance and repair

5. Specific advice

 ▪ Vehicles and collections operations

 ▪ Bulky waste collections

 ▪ Mobile plant

 ▪ Landfills, MBT and transfer stations

 ▪ MRFs and recycling plants

 ▪ CA/HWRC sites

 ▪ Welfare facilities

 ▪ Weighbridges

  1. Other information sources and links
  2. Disclaimer and WISH

WISH stress that the document is live and may be updated as more information becomes apparent and the current situation changes. 

It is advised to read the opening statement of the document to understand what it means to set out.

The full document can be found here.

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