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Wrights Recycling Machinery On The Move

wrights recycling

After nearly 50 years of manufacturing cable stripping and other machinery just north of Leeds in Guiseley, Wrights Recycling Machinery have taken the overdue step of moving to larger premises. Over the last couple of years, Wrights have struggled to cope with meeting the increasing demand for their products due to the constraints of their ‘traditional’ site, so the move provides both a greater space and the option to expand as required.


Russell Ridley, who has owned and managed the business for over 30 years said; “These are exciting times for us. We have enjoyed our time in Guiseley but the surrounding area is now mainly residential and we’re locked in with nowhere to grow.  And we do need more room now. Demand is still growing for our cable strippers and our work with Impact Recycling to develop and manufacture plastics separation systems requires more and more space”

Wrights range of Blue and Yellow ‘Super Strippers’ are well known and respected in the recycling industry both nationally and internationally. The current order book includes machines for North America, Dubai, New Zealand, Norway, several countries in the EU and of course, the UK.

However, they now manufacture and supply much more than just cable stripping equipment and their product range includes Shredders, Feeders, Granulators, Granulation/ Separation Systems, Guillotines Shears and conveyors.

Russell is keen to point out that their experience in the industry enables them to have ‘proper’ discussions with customers. “We don’t just give people a catalogue of equipment, we talk about what they really need and that might mean selling a standard bit of kit or it might mean adapting it to suit their material or arranging plant in such a way as to fit better in their buildings or yards. If we know throughputs, we can manufacture machines so that they work at the necessary rate and then include feeders, conveyors, screws that will work at the same rate as well.”

“Getting all the bits of the system together is the easy bit, we make sure that all the bits work as a single unit”.

Wrights Recycling Machinery is proud that they manufacture their own equipment in Britain, using British steel and other quality components. Again Russell explains, “We back up what we sell by making sure we can provide both the spares and engineering support for our customers to keep any downtimes to a minimum.” He is also proud of the life expectancy of their machines and explained that they recently had Super Stripper 170 back in for refurbishment and noted it was originally sold in 1990!

“If we are to remain around in the future we have to adapt continuously and that is why this move to a new base is essential. I will miss the old place, I spent a lot of my life there, but we must look forward. I must make sure that machines being sold today can come back to us in 10 -15 years’ time and we will still be here to refurbish them. This move makes that possibility much more likely”.

It will be great if ATF Pro can do a site visit in the near future once the guys at Wrights are well established. In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about what they can offer, visit their website at or contact them on +44 (0) 1943 875 104. Or if you are attending CARS-expo this month, you can see Wrights at stand J5.

Wights will be exhibiting at the CARS show this year. Make sure that you pay them a visit and say hello.

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